This website has been a dream in the making  and although it has taken a while to come to fruition, I am so very happy and excited that it is finally here … 


What is HnE about?

I would have to say HnE is about sharing a way of living a sustainable lifestyle, whilst living on a limited budget, and als being aware and supporting issues. It is also about giving things a go – new ideas, skills, and techniques that I have bookmarked or put on a list.

These are my passions, my loves, my everyday life’s routines, my failures and things I want to do.

Life is about living to the fullest, adventures, experiences, sharing with people all while being mindful of this planet and what we do to it. Although most of this website is centred around the home and garden, and issues that I am passionate about. Hopefully it will be delivered with a little bit of humour, passion and definitely me colloquialisms.

At this time, we are renting our house, so with it comes the adventures of growing a vegetable garden, having chickens etc all within the confines of a rental agreement and landlords’s approval.  We moved to the country back in 2008, unfortunately at the beginning of 2009 we went through the bush fires… and with that came many life changing events.

Changes in the way I see things, has opened up my life to many new and different adventures with many smiles and laughs along the way, but it has brought with it some hard times and some deep lows. The emotional roller coaster of what life is can be truly is amazing and also daunting.  However “To live will be an awfully big adventure.”  (Peter Pan, J.M Barrie) and that is basis of this website.

Please enjoy my website as I will enjoy sharing my adventures with you.

Stay Well and True